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Membership of Ottawa's Rideau Speedeaus is flexible and great value with our seasonal pricing! If you just want to try it out we have a special one month introductory offer.


​All Rideau Speedeaus swim registrations include Masters Swimming Ontario registration which allows you to participate in masters swimming activities within Ontario.


Join Us

Seasonal Membership

Seasonal Membership offers swimming and membership of the Rideau Speedeaus.  The membership covers a single season and includes prepared workouts, coaches on deck and access to the historical workouts online.

The cost of the membership varies depending on the number of weekly swims selected.  The costs and pool times for the current season are shown below.

We are back in at the YMCA Pool for the start of our Fall Season.  Click Register to sign up for a Seasonal Membership for the season up till November 2 or our new season starting November 7.







The cost for the additional 30 minutes of swimming available on Fridays is $55 for the season

Due to the lower number of swims scheduled on the Sundays any Sunday registrations will be given a $18 rebate.

During registration costs will be calculated on a prorated basis based on the swims remaining in the season up to a minimum of four weeks. Seasonal memberships can be prorated based on the number of consecutive weeks the swimmer commits to participating before purchase. No refunds will be given.


Day, Time


Spaces Available

Day, Time


Spaces Available

Other Swim Options

Introductory One Month Offer


Want to try the swim club out for a month? Choose up to three weekly swim practices for the month then decide if you'd like to become a regular swimmer. This is a one-time introductory offer.

Private Coaching

Cost Varies

Private Coaching is available to members and non-members. Work on that specific stroke or component with a private coach for a one hour session. Contact before registering.

Drop In Swim


Non-members or visitors to Ottawa can join us for a one-off standard swim workout.

Competitions Only


For swimmers who have their own training plan but would like to represent the Rideau Speedeaus in competition. This option provides the necessary club affiliation to compete and join us on relays.

Note that seniors over 65 years of age, full time students, the unemployed and refugees enjoy a 50% discount on all annual and seasonal registrations and the Learn-to-Swim program. Ask about our bursaries.

No refunds are provided except if Covid restrictions close the pool facilities.


Learn to Swim Program

The Learn-to-Swim program is for those who do not feel ready to attend regular practices, or who want to learn or improve their techniques and strokes. Participants learn the basics of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly and/or work on stroke improvement. They also learn to use the timing clock, 
develop aerobic pacing, floating, flip turns and pool etiquette.​ 


Our program aims to develop the swimmer’s competency and comfort in the pool. Each session is tailored to the participants’ abilities and swimming goals. For beginners, we will work with individuals to develop a certain level of comfort in the water and to introduce them to the various swimming techniques. For experienced swimmers, we will work on developing and refining the techniques, introduce swim workouts, as well as developing endurance. A previous swimming background is not required.

The learn-to-swim fee includes access to the members’ website and swim team news. You will receive a Rideau Speedeaus swim cap at the beginning of the session! 

Muscle memory is important for swimming technique. This is an optional bonus class that focuses on applying techniques learned from previous classes and building swimming cardio fitness. 

Bonus classes run every Sunday through the learn to swim program for both beginner and intermediate groups.  Add to your registration on the form.

Prerequisite for Registration: Swimmers must be registered for either Learn to Swim Beginner or Intermediate classes. 

$125 plus learn to swim registration

add Learn to Swim Plus

The Learn to Swim Program will return when we are back at OttawaU.
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