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Membership of Ottawa's Rideau Speedeaus is flexible and great value!  If you just want to try it out we have a special one month introductory offer. We have drop-in swims as well as seasonal and annual membership options.  

All Rideau Speedeau registrations include Masters Swimming Ontario registration which allows you to participate in masters swimming activities within Ontario.

Membership makes a great gift!

Registration Options

Note that seniors over 65 years of age, full time students, the unemployed and refugees enjoy a 50% discount on all registrations and the Learn-to-Swim program. Ask about our bursaries.

*** New this year for all registration options:

  • all practices, including Sunday practices, will be coached.

  • Thursday night practice 7:30-8:30pm. ***

Introductory One Month Offer $60

Want to try the swim club out for a month? Attend as many swim practices as you like for one month. Then decide if you'd like to become a regular swimmer. This is a one-time introductory offer.

Annual Membership $750

This is for people who like to swim regularly up to five times per week. Access to all practices is included from September to April. This deal is hard to beat anywhere else in town. For a cost per swim that works out to less than $5, you get the added value of having a workout created specifically for each practice, great coaching at every practice, and lanes with swimmers of similar speeds. 

Seasonal (or Half Annual) Membership $540

Swim with us for up to five practices per week in the fall (September–December) or the winter (January–April) sessions with a Seasonal Membership. Alternatively swim up to two times a week (September – April) with a Half Annual Membership.

Premium Membership (Annual Members $190 or Seasonal Members $130)

This is for swimmers who have already purchased a membership and want to take their training to the next level. This premium  membership allows swimmers to extend their Wednesday night practices for an extra half hour in two dedicated lanes. In addition, we’ll cover the cost of your masters membership so that you can compete in any meets held out of province. For swim meets in Ottawa, you’ll have the benefit of having one of our coaches on deck to help with your race strategy.

10 Swim Pack $145

If you just want to occasionally drop in for a swim practice, this package is for you. The pass is valid to August 31st each year.

Summer Membership ($275)

Summer swimming options are plentiful, but let’s be real. Does Meech lake have a sauna? Does the Rockliffe pond let you swim past 2pm? I didn’t think so. This membership allows you to swim three times per week with us through May, June, and July.

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Learn-to-Swim Program


    8 lessons

The Learn-to-Swim program is for those who do not feel ready to attend regular practices, or who want to learn or improve their techniques and strokes. Participants learn the basics of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly and/or work on stroke improvement. They also learn to use the timing clock, develop aerobic pacing, floating, flip turns and pool etiquette.

Our program aims to develop the swimmer’s competency and comfort in the pool. Each session is tailored to the participants’ abilities and swimming goals. For beginners, we will work with individuals to develop a certain level of comfort in the water and to introduce them to the various swimming techniques. For experienced swimmers, we will work on developing and refining the techniques; introduce swim workouts, as well as developing endurance. A previous swimming background is not required.

Next sessions:
Mondays and Wednesdays - starting July 6 at 6:00pm 

The Learn-to-Swim classes are held twice a week on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:00pm with coach Morgan. Places are limited so register by June 29.

The learn-to-swim fee includes access to the members’ website and swim team news. You will receive a Rideau Speedeaus swim cap upon completion of the program!


Private Coaching


for 1 swimmer or $40 per swimmer for a group of 3 or 4

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