Ottawa Rideau Speedeaus


  • Please fill and print this registration form and bring it with your payment to a practice session.
    • Payment by cheque payable to the "Ottawa Rideau Speedeaus"
    • Payable by e-Transfer sent to
    • Payment by cash when submitting your registration form.
  • Note that we have special rates for new members, as well as for students, seniors and underemployed/unemployed.
  • If you are applying for a subsidized rate, please select the reason and sign and date the form.
  • All members must pay the $35 fee, each year, to become members of Masters Swimming Ontario.
  • Membership is based off a year going from September to August.

Swim Fees

Regular prices Reduced prices for full-time students and senior citizens (d) Reduced prices for unemployed
Renewing member New Member (a) New/Renewing member New/Renewing member
Swim Card 10 Swims (b)
(available year round)
$100 $100 $65 $65
1-year (Sept-July) membership (c)
$435 $375 $315 N/A
4-month membership
(available for Sept-Dec, Jan-Apr periods)
$250 $250 $250 $250
Learn to swim (c)
$95 $95 $60 $60

(a) A New member is a person who has never held an active membership with the club. Reduced fees for new members apply only to the first membership ever purchased.

(b) Swim cards can be shared among swimmers (each swimmer must purchase an MSO membership).

(c) The learn to swim rate includes the MSO fee for the first time taking learn to swim.

(d) A senior is a member who is over 65 years of age when purchasing their membership.